Baking with toddlers – the honest truth.

I have been scrolling through Instagram and parenting sites over the last few days and I have noticed quite a few parents posting cute little pictures of their little ones making rice crispie cakes and it looks like a walk in the park, the child is nicely mixing the rice crispies into the melted chocolate, no mess on them or the work surface, happy smiling faces all round and pretty perfect cakes at the end of it. Now looking at all these happy families having fun and getting edible cakes at the end of it (win!) looked like fun so I decided that we’d have to try it out. what could go wrong? It all looks pretty straight forward right?

Wrong. Oh so incredibly wrong.

We went to the shops to buy the ingredients and she decided to have a meltdown, why? because I wouldn’t let her open up an Easter egg that I had absolutely no intention of buying. Have you seen the prices of some of them now? I nearly had a heart attack!


After we paid and walked back to the car I say walked it was more me dragging a screaming monster through the car park whilst she protested her need to sit on one of those money eating toys that are always placed buy the child spaces in every car park cheers for that! I say sit and I actually do mean sit she wont ride them we tried it once, put the pound in reluctantly and told her to press the flashing button and as soon as it started up she jumped out of her skin and proceeded to get the hell off of it and we all just stood there watching the pound run out, now anyone who was walking past at that point must have wondered what planet we came from because no sane person would stick money in one of these and just watch it go in fact no sane person would stick a pound in it at all but that’s another matter.

We got home and decided to have our baking session we placed the cake cases in the cake tray and all was going well, cooking with children really is a doddle who knew? Ryan melted the chocolate whilst we were doing that. Once the chocolate was melted Ryan brought it over to the table where Shaniah nearly knocked it off. forget that idea we will do this on the floor (Food Standards Agency eat your heart out) Next, it was shaniahs turn to pour in the cornflakes (yes we ballsed up and bought cornflakes!) I thought for a minute and realised that pouring them will not be a great idea instead tiny 2 year old sized hand fulls will be much better. WRONG. Who knew toddler hands were massive now a days? She put them in then mixed them in and we were done yes shes a little messy but its still pretty good.

It was now time to scoop it out into the cake cases wahoo!

“I can do that mummy”

“No this is a job for the grown-ups, you’ve got the important job of placing chocolate eggs on the ones that are done okay?”

We had a good little production line going on here, I finished and asked her if she wanted help as I looked down I saw this beauty…


Yep. This isn’t wasn’t how the ones on the internet had turned out but they aren’t exactly bad! After a short while we were done so i got up and put them in the fridge to set.

“I like chocolate”

“Yes I know you do sweetie. We can have one in a…” I turned around at that moment and what I saw was definitely not something I had seen on people’s Instagram…


So those pictures you see online couldn’t be further from the truth… I hope, because I sure don’t want to be alone in this kind of parenting scenario.


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