Today’s baby shower etiquette.

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If you’ve been invited to your first baby shower, it’s worth knowing that there is some degree of etiquette to follow. While there are no rules written in stone these days, you should take into consideration what the mother-to-be really wants.

Baby Shower Etiquette from Previous Years

It used to be that baby showers had a fairly standard set of rules. These included who wore what, when the baby shower would be held, who would be invited and what the presented were to look like.

The food to be served mostly depended on the time of the baby shower and the mother-to-be’s preference. For instance, if the baby shower took place between 11am and 1pm, you were expected to serve lunch, such as sandwiches. If the event was set to take place after 1pm but before 5pm, you could serve snacks and cake. Baby showers that started later than that required a hot sit down meal.

Dessert at a baby shower would always be cake. Preferably, it would be a white, fancy cake with something baby related on top, such as baby blocks, a crib or a pram.

What’s more, the shower was always an event to get dressed up for, no matter what time of day it was being held.

Baby Shower Etiquette Today

Besides thinking about where and when to hold a baby shower, one of today’s considerations is whether or not to include a gift registry. Many invitations do, which can help ensure the mother-to-be receives the items she really wants. Another great option is to buy from where you can find a range of unique baby shower gift ideas.

Another consideration is how much you should spend on a gift. Mostly, it has more to do with the relationship you have with the mother-to-be and how much you feel comfortable spending than with a customary or arbitrary gift. Traditionally, friends bring gifts that are more personal and creative.

But if you are in the position where you have been invited but you might not feel that you know what to get, there are plenty of baby hampers that cover all sorts of bases. In fact, putting a hamper together, whether it’s one you bought or one you put together, can come useful. While it may be the case that a lot of the little items don’t end up being used, it’s far better to cover every eventuality, from clothes to toys, and even nappies. After all, they will definitely come in use!

What’s more, many women prefer to share the event with their partners these days. It is not uncommon for men to be invited to baby showers, and it’s a great opportunity to ask guests to bring themed gifts such as items to stock the bar, food to fill the freezer or entertainment tickets.

Who Should Host the Baby Shower?

Finally, tradition dictates that a baby shower shouldn’t be hosted by a close family member of the mother-to-be, but rather by a distant relative or friend, like an aunt or cousin. This rule is intended to avoid the appearance that the family is merely holding an event to collect gifts. But, like many of the other traditions, this rule isn’t set in stone. In fact, it may be perfectly acceptable for a mother-in-law or sister to host a shower. However, it’s still rather unusual for the mother-to-be to host her own shower.

Most importantly, make sure you enjoy the day and have as much fun as the mother-to-be is sure to have.

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