Autumn Skincare Collection

I’ve been slacking a lot in the skincare department for way too long. With all honesty, it was starting to show. Spots the size of craters only the moon would be proud of started to appear on my face and my skin was starting to look so dull that it was honestly making me feel rubbish every time I caught sight of myself in the mirror.

In my teens, I used to be so religious when it came to my skincare, always trying out new products and having skin that resembles a babies butt as a result. But fast forward to adulthood and parenthood, all I want to do now is catch an early night.

Depending on the time of month/year, my skin can either be super dry or very oily. It never makes it mind up but with Disneyland coming up, and the certainty that I am going to be in a whole bunch of photos as I capture memories that’ll last a lifetime. I’ve decided to jump straight back into my skincare routine, in a bid to make my face that bit more ‘presentable’. After all, self-care is so important, right?

I’ve been trying a few of my products, and these are my current favourite.

Lacura 3 step system is the newest of my ever-growing stash but is one that has fastly become my favourite. It’s super quick to do which is perfect for my busy weekday mornings, it leaves my skin feeling so soft, and the perfect base for flawless make-up.

Okay, this is an incredible find. I often see beauty bloggers raving about this cloth on Instagram. I won’t lie, I was super sceptical about it at first. I mean, I thought it couldn’t be that much different to a normal face flannel (?) I was so wrong! This microfibre cleansing cloth by Magn!tone is a work of magic! All you need to do is run it under the tap then rub it over your face and then it’s bye-bye make-up. Perfect for the nights where I just want to crawl straight into bed and not faff around with my face.

Another long-standing favourite of mine is the Garnier Moisture Bomb range. I always have the full range in my stash, including the sheet masks.

I use the day moisturising cream after my morning cleanse then the night one after using the Magn!tone cloth. I also use the hydrating mist throughout the day as it’s fine to use over make-up. Every Friday evening, after a long week, I like to whip up a bubble bath, slap on their sheet mask and relax. Did I mention that it smells absolutely incredible too?

What a winning combination!

So there we have it. That’s my current skincare routine! Do I do all this every day? Pfft no! I’d be totally lying as some days I don’t have my shit together but more often than not, I do it and that has had a massive improvement on my skin!

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