Autism and full moons.

As we are due our February full moon tonight I thought I’d share an interesting fact with you all about how Autism is effected by the full moon, yep that’s right a full moon really does turn people into Werewolves!

We’ve noticed for a while that my brother Ashley’s behaviour tends to get worse around a certain time of the month, after a few months of this happening without fail we decided to try to see what event do we do every month that leads to his behaviour taking a turn. Our mind was boggled until one day we noticed it was a full moon, now at that point we thought it meant absolutely nothing to why Ashley was playing up I mean what could a moon possibly do to a human? Werewolves were just mythical characters writers use in their stories right? Months came and went as did Ashley’s mood swings and believe it or not the week Ashley’s behaviour hit its peak was in fact the week we were due a full moon! crazy right? I decided to google, after all if he is a werewolf MI5 might want to take him for testing (we don’t have that much luck). It turns out the moon does in fact affect us. here’s why:

There are two reasons as to why as to why this might happen.

1. The moon’s gravitational pull.

As you may know the moon has a gravitational pull on the water commonly noticed on the sea. humans are made up from roughly 80% of water which thinking about gives a pretty good reason as to why the full moon affects us as around the full moon even the sea is effected.

Here’s the down side. A full moon doesn’t affect everyone in the same way, in fact some people can go through life without even noticing an effect to their behaviour. on the other hand there is some of us that are badly effected by them in ways that cannot be denied. This is mostly seen with those who have Autism, however some children with the condition don’t change.

2. Parasites.

Parasites can be found on people through lack of cleaning hands after using the toilet, handling raw meat, playing in the garden then forgetting to wash your hands or simply not keeping up with your hygiene. I here you, what has parasites got to do with a full moon? well its simple, parasites hatch when the full moon is out. So if your hygiene isn’t up to standards it is likely that you’ll have some parasites and lots of parasites hatching is bound to cause mood swings in anyone.

So there you have it, if your child is playing  up more than usual check the moon, chances are it’s a full one.


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