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August Must Haves!

I started doing my monthly favourites a while pack but with all that’s happened during the busy past couple of months, I ended up forgetting all about it. So this month I am starting it back up again.

Here is my Top 5 August must haves!

  1. Olay Daily Facial In A Box. – £4.99olay - the epileptic bloggerThese have been around forever. I can remember when I was a little girl my mother would use these every night and they just smelt so amazing –  I can still remember how they smelt and it’s the same as it is now, how is that for a throwback? I love how it removes my make – up, exfoliates and also leaves my face feeling moisturised. each sheet is water activated so you simply run it under warm water and then the sheet goes foamy, clean your face like normal but with better results!
  2. Scosmetics Toner Refreshing Aloe 250Ml – £2

    the epileptic bloggerThis is the first time I have actually used a toner, You hear about it a lot by those who are a lot better at make – up than me using it in their skin care routine. During a trip to Tesco I noticed this and with a nice cheap price tag I just had to get it, what did I have to lose? It smells amazing and it leaves my face looking refreshed! – Love it!

  3. the epileptic bloggerI love, love, love this product! After washing my hair I lightly towel dry it and then flip my head upside down and give a couple of squirts all around the underside of my hair then scrunch it then leave it to air dry. The results are beautifully wavy hair perfect for holidays or the beach!

  4. Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick Blush 110 – £5.99

    the epileptic bloggerThis is my favourite go to lippy! It is a matte nude colour which I am loving at the moment, I probably have 4 of the same colour in various brands but I will always keep coming back to this. It is so compact that I can fit it into my clutch although I really don’t need to as the reason this is my must have product is because it stays put for ages! I recently wore it for a meal out with my family and after 2 cocktails, starters, mains and pudding it was still there without a smudge or fade in sight! for £5.99 it is a winner! It also comes in a range of other colours but im not adventurous!

  5. Prettyuk Face Mask Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask Deep Clear Oxygen Bubbles Mud Mask – £7.59

    bubble maskAh the amazing new trend – Bubble mask! This is a major hit with beauty lovers everywhere at the moment. You see all these people turning into the bubble monster off of a certain washing liquid and admit it you’ve secretly wanted to try that out right? After all who wouldn’t want to look like a cloud? Both Ryan and I were extremely excited when this arrived and we must admit we couldn’t wait to try it. The results were incredible however I must admit it did start to annoy me when the bubbles were forming close to my ear as all i could hear was the foam! Once we had enough of the crazy expanding bubbles we simply had to rub it in then dry our face with a towel and we were left with a face as soft as a babies bottom! We have tried many bubble masks but we have to admit that this one is the best one yet!

So there you have it, that is my 5 must have products for August! Have you tried any of these? If so what was it and why do you like it? Are you thinking about trying any of these out? let me know below!

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