Aldi Mamia – review.

As a parent I only want the best for my child, be that nutritional healthy food all the way through to toiletries. We wouldn’t use any products on our skin that weren’t up to standard or irritated us so we certainly wouldn’t do that to our children either.

When it comes to nappies and wetwipes for my daughter I am extremely fussy and likewise so is she! In the first couple of weeks of her life we found ourselves forever changing brands because Shaniah’s delicate bottom just didn’t agree with it all.

Even now 2 years on we still like to switch it up now and again so we were delighted when this came through the door from Aldi’s Mamia range. We’ve never tried these before so it was a welcome change for us. Unfortunately we don’t have a newborn so we cant review the nappies but if the wetwipes are anything to go by then I’m sure they’re great!

Upon opening the package about 10 minutes later Shaniah did a poo, right on time girl! Let’s test out those wetwipes..

They’re sensitive ones so that perfect for Shaniah’s little bottom. After wrestling with her to get her to lay down  (I swear this child would happily sit in her poop for ages) I got out a wetwipe from the packet they don’t have a smell at all and they feel extremely soft. They were nice and moist but not too wet that they just break. I only needed to use 2 wetwipes when with my normal brand i’d be using at least 4!

Overall I shall think about buying these in future buy I’m keen to try out the nappies.

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