Adding A Touch Of Summertime To Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most high traffic rooms in the house, if not the most. It’s where you lounge after a long day, take a nap on the sofa, enjoy good movies and games with your loved ones, and where you can curl up on winter evenings. As such, it’s usually a cosy and comfy place to be no matter what the season is! 

However, sometimes it’s quite nice to look around you and see a bright and airy quality. It’s nice to see summer blues and yellows, no matter how dark out it really is! And we’ve created this post to help you add some summertime elements to your living room; check out the points below.

Photo by Jason Boyd from Pexels

Put Tropical Art on the Walls

Tropical art is anything that invokes a summertime feeling; it’s an art that helps you to feel warm and like the sun is out, and usually features tropical plants and animals. In the picture above, for example, there’s a lovely turtle print on the wall. You’re looking for similar pieces to hang in your living room. Go wild here; thanks to the bright colours used in the compositions, they’re not too overbearing either. 

Throw Out Your Curtains

Do you have long, thick curtains blocking out your windows right now? Maybe you’ve just got some sheer material to help dim the light when it shines through in the morning? Well, this is your sign to do away with curtains altogether – they’re not very summery! You might want to invest in some Shutter Blinds instead; they help to maintain temperature better and they’re much lighter for dressing the walls with. 

Add Some Natural Textures

Natural textures are great for making your home feel a little more wild when the sun is in the sky. Something a bit more rough to the touch that helps the light to bounce around the room. Wood, fake fur, and bamboo are all great materials to try out here – you can even mix and match them nicely to capture that slice of paradise you’re looking for. And whilst you’re at it, invest in some big potted plants to place in the corners of the room. Even if they invite the bugs in, they’re great for cleaning the air! 

Place Some Beach Themed Ornaments

The beach is a lovely place to be when the weather is nice out. Why not bring the beach into your home? No, you don’t have to scatter sand everywhere, but you can put shells, bead jars, and wooden sailing ornaments around the living room. These will help you to feel cooler when it’s hitting the 30s, and if you combine them with a bit of blue and white paint, you’ll have that lovely coastal design room you’ve always wanted. 

The summer is quickly making its way to us, so why not welcome it early with a summer-inspired living room? It’s a lovely look all year round and helps to keep your home cool. 

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