Experts Say These 3 Home Improvements Add The Most Value To Your Property

Everyone knows that there are endless ways you can improve your home. Some of the ideas are purely aesthetic while others have long-term improvements in mind. Regardless, you need to know the best home improvement ideas out there.

The thing is, how do you measure which idea is better than the rest? For me, the key aspect is how much value an improvement adds to your property. Basically, we’re getting into the financial side of things and looking at what provides the greatest return on investment. Well, according to the experts, these three ideas will see your home value skyrocket:

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Energy Efficient Improvements

Any renovation that focuses on energy efficiency will drastically improve your home’s value. This is because we live in a world where people want to save money and save the planet. Companies like Symons Energy sell solar panels that can provide your entire home with free electricity. As a result, you use less electricity from the national grid and save a fortune. This is one of the most common and obvious energy-efficient improvements. Alongside this, you could consider any of the following:

  • Invest in a new boiler
  • Upgrade to more thermally efficient windows
  • Switch to underfloor heating
  • Replace your old roof with a more efficient one If a home improvement makes your property consume less energy throughout the year, it will be worth its weight in gold.
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Kitchen Renovations

Remodelling your kitchen has always been seen as one of the top home improvements you can make. It will increase the value of your property as a good kitchen is one of the most sought-after things when someone is buying a house. Everyone loves the idea of having a big and practical kitchen, which is why it’s the first thing on the list of renovations people make when moving in.

If you remodel and upgrade your kitchen, it will instantly make your house more valuable. The fun thing is, you don’t need to entirely renovate and change it. Sure, an extension and complete remodel are worthwhile, but altering countertops and refreshing the way it looks has just as big of an impact.

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Curb Appeal Improvements

Lastly, the experts all indicate that curb appeal has a direct role in how valuable a property will be. If your house doesn’t make a good first impression, nobody will be interested in it. So, regardless of how nice it is inside, you’ll struggle to sell it for the maximum price. Instead, you can make some curb appeal improvements to catapult your home to the top of the value charts. Here are some simple ideas:

  • Give the front a new lick of paint
  • Upgrade the front door
  • Upgrade the windows
  • Tend to your front garden and make it look nice
  • Clean your house thoroughly including the roof to get rid of any moss or ingrained dirt

You may already notice that some improvements are even more valuable as they tick multiple boxes on this list. For example, new windows and a new roof can improve energy efficiency and curb appeal, giving you a double-whammy in the home-value-boosting department!

I think that’s the main thing to take from this. Lots of home improvement ideas exist, but make sure you pick ones that genuinely add value to your property.

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