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Now if you know me you’ll know I am an absolute sucker for anything personalised. I guess that’s down to the fact that that finding things with my name on is super hard to come by.

You see, my mum, she named me Tamara a name that you can’t just pop into some gift shop and grab a pen or even a plate. In fact, in England you cannot get anything with Tamara on at all… unless you pop to the garden centre, many bulbs and seeds are starting to be named Tamara.

Growing up all I ever really wanted was something with my name on. You see kids rocking up to class with their names on every single possession they own blimey my feels hurt.

To this day I still get that little bit of excitement when I unwrap a gift and my name is on it.

I love the practical things like plates, mugs and notepads, something I am able to use and join the gang of people who are able to lay their personalised stuff all over there desks – I will be like you!

You can imagine the excitement when I was contacted by Brinley Williams who wanted to send me a personalised mug. YES! I shall not lie, as soon as I saw it was dispatched I sat eagerly awaiting the postman.

When it arrived it looked even better than I had expected. The quality is super high and you can see the time and effort that has gone into this to make it faultless.

Personalised mug

Brinley Williams is a company who specialises in high quality personalised products perfect for those of us whose parents gave us a difficult name.

Thank you to Brinley Williams for my personalised “The Epileptic Blogger” mug.

Personalised mug


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