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The Epileptic Blogger

Hello there! My name is Tamara, I am a 20 year old SAHM to Shaniah (born 2014) and girlfriend to Ryan. I love nothing more than being a mother although at times she drives me mad and she is the main reason I can’t have nice things, every time I bring home new make up Shaniah sneaks it in to her bedroom and proceeds to draw all over the walls!


About me.

I grew up in a little town in the west of England. At the age of 12 I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and to this day it continues to live with me. I got into an abusive relationship at the age of 15 and as a result I gave birth to my daughter Shaniah at 17. I love her to bits, she didn’t ruin my life, she gave me a new one. In 2015 I met my amazing boyfriend Ryan, who took Shaniah under his wing and treats her like his own. Last year I was diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia (svt) Which has made getting a job even more difficult than when I was just epileptic. So that is how I came across blogging, I was getting bored with the same scenery day in day out so Ryan mentioned blogging to me and from that day forward I’ve never looked back. I love anything beauty related and love nothing more than to be outdoors, days out are our families favourite thing to do (as you have probably noticed by the amount of posts on them!)

Here’s my family in other words my world!


The Epileptic Blogger


Shaniah is my daughter, born in June 2014, she is a crazy toddler who is full of life and character. She loves everything Disney and is the queen of car karaoke her favourite song at the moment is Feels by Katy Perry. She loves the great outdoors and at every given opportunity she will spend her days in the garden.

The Epileptic Blogger


Ryan entered my life in 2015, when Shaniah was only 11 months old. He’s my rock and super awesome. He can often be found on his off days/weekend sitting by the river with his rod in his hand, yes, he is a keen angler and he is very good at it too! We go on yearly holidays where he spends each day competing in competitions, he has won quite a few times and each and every time I become more and more proud of him!

About The epileptic blogger.

This blog isn’t your typical blog, I write about parenting, lifestyle, beauty and food. you see I love all of those equally so to write a blog about just one of those would have been bloody difficult. I aim to upload at least 3 times a week typically on a Monday, Thursday and Friday. I also upload vlogs to YouTube Sunday or Tuesday!

I first tried my hand at blogging a couple of years ago but the time just wasn’t right and I just wasn’t into the whole blogging thing and lost interest very quickly! I started again in February 2017 and I can honestly say I am loving it, after being rejected job wise by so many people for being epileptic and a liability due to the seizures I believe that my blog has given me a new lease of life, I feel like I am actually someone now and I love it!

I have recently started vlogging, you can find me over on YouTube (link below) I am hoping to expand my blog throughout the year however most of my day to day life is shared through Instagram.

I love capturing our day to day life and storing our memories somewhere where we can all look back on in the years to come more detailed than those we hold in our minds. My only regret in life is not starting the blog sooner, capturing the very first moments of becoming mum! I also blog about awareness (hence the name) and reviews!

Here are a few of my favourite blog posts to date:

“If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will its life believing its stupid”- Albert Einstein.

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