A trip to Legoland with 365 Tickets

A few weeks ago myself and my little tribe were given the opportunity to visit Legoland thanks to the wonderful people at 365 Tickets. 365Tickets are an online retailer selling tickets for hundreds of the UK’s most popular attractions and more.

Now, I must admit that we had never been to Legoland before. Shaniah had been pleading with us for some time to take her but the prices of the tickets were in my eyes and more still my Savvy partners eyes a little on the extortionate side. Before I carry on though, I will admit that after spending a day here I will happily pay the asking price as the park is huge and filled to the brim with amazing entertainment.

Shaniah, Ryan, My brother Ashley and myself jumped into the car at just gone 8am and after just over an hours drive we arrived. I say we arrived, the journey was far from straight forward, even with a satnav! The in-car satnav said our destination was nowhere near anything that resembled an adventure park of any sort so we decided to ditch that and try to follow signs. Following the signs also proved difficult because it seems like Legoland signs are few and far between when coming from the south-west. Once we realised we had gone way too far we turned around and to our delight the signs were far more frequent from that direction.

My younger brother is a MASSIVE plane enthusiast and to his delight Heathrow wasn’t far away so planes were going over our car so low he was loving the added detour.

Eventually we made it to the park and instantly we were blown away by the sheer detail from the moment Legoland is in sight. In fact, from the moment that we hit the roundabout before the entrance there were incredibly breathtaking Lego models situated on the roundabout.


There are loads of parking spaces within the grounds of Legoland Windsor, and by loads I mean thousands. There is no need to threat about not being able to get a parking space. One thing I will point out though is the fact that there is a £6 parking charge and if I am honest I am still in two minds about how I feel about that considering that the parking area which we parked in was, in my opinion, needing a little TLC.

Entering the Park.

Legoland 365 tickets

There was a “short” I say short, with a 4-year-old in tow it was a long, oh so long walk to the park entrance. A little while later and a quick search of our bags we were in the grounds of Legoland. A quick dash to the entrance toilets (which were mediocre at best) and we were ready to kick-start our day!

Lego Star Wars Miniland Experience.

Legoland 365 tickets

Our first stop, one that Ryan was super excited to experience was the Star Wars exhibition. Rightly so. I wasn’t overly sure what to expect when I read the sign, but as soon as I walked through the doors I was blown away, I mean I was left completely speechless. THIS EXHIBITION IS INCREDIBLE! It is so, so easy to forget that each and every single thing within this building is made from individual pieces of Lego. The amount of detail that has been put into every bit in every display is astonishing. You really do find yourself just standing still for a few minutes and admiring the talent of those that created the models.

Legoland 365 tickets

Before we knew it though, the exhibit had come to an end. we were however, offered the chance to have our photo taken whilst having a light saber fight with Darth Vader, something Shaniah was far from keen to do and both Ashley and Ryan seemed rather a lot older than the other people standing in the queue so chickened out too. The end of the exhibit takes you out in to a Lego shop specifically for all things star wars, don’t worry though, If you don’t want to purchase something right away you are able to get most things in this shop later on at one of the other big shops at the park exit.

legoland 365 tickets

Park Rides.

Now it was on to the fun part… THE RIDES! I cannot put in to words how excited I was leading up to our day out. There were so many rides that I had hoped to go on however, I am not sure if it was because we decided to go on a bank holiday weekend in the middle of the school holidays or whether it is always like this but we did find ourselves facing nearly hour-long queues if not longer for most rides. You are given the option to purchase a Q-bot for £20 per person which will get you on to the rides quicker by skipping out the queues. However, because Shaniah wasn’t tall enough for most rides and my health preventing me from others, we just didn’t feel that throwing £80 just to skip the queues was worthwhile.

Despite not having the Q-bots we did manage to get through rather a lot of rides during our day. Those being:

Legoland 365 tickets
Laser Raiders

Laser Raiders was our first ride of the day. The queue time was around 20 minutes but it was made bearable by the fact that there was a kind of crèche for the children to wait in and watch a movie whilst us adults stood and queued. You are able to see your child the whole time but it just stops you having to listen to the “I’m bored” moans from a child whose legs are aching.

Once it got to our turn we climbed aboard a desert off-roader and armed with our laser guns we set off to shoot some targets. I clearly didn’t get the memo and somehow ended up with fewer points than my 4-year-old! Shaniah absolutely loved this ride and wanted to queue up again.


L-Drivers was by far Shaniah’s favourite activity of the day! After listening to their instructor instructing her on how to drive the mini cars, Shaniah was able to jump in and drive an electric car around a realistic course. Once her time was up she was able to collect her own mini drivers licence! How awesome.

legoland 365 tickets

Atlantis Submarine Voyage

This one has got to be my favourite ride of the day. Although this ride was the longest queue we got in once we finished the ride we could see why.

You jump in to some real submarine things (which are a world first) and immerse yourself in a magical underwater adventure. as the ride takes you around the course you are met by stingrays, all kinds of different fish and sea creatures that leave you utterly mesmerised. It’s one thing walking around and aquarium but being up close and in the water with them is a whole ‘nother level.

The memories we have taken away from this ride will stay with us for ages. There were a few activities that we were able to take part in during the ride however we were all super fixated on our surroundings that none of us actually took part, oops!

legoland 365 tickets

Dragon’s Apprentice

Shaniah requested that we took a ride on the Dragon featured in Dragon’s apprentice however once we set off her mindset changed completely. The ride didn’t look that fast when we were queuing but once we got on it even I was a little taken back and found myself screaming… If you have a youngster who isn’t overly confident in moving rides particularly the faster ones, then I advise that you give this one a miss!


Oh my goodness, now we are talking! There are many options when it comes to food. There are many picnic spots for those a little more organised than ourselves. However, if you are like me then you’ll be happy to know that Legoland restaurants are the bomb, honestly, they are mouth-wateringly perfect. We were torn between eating at the BBQ places situated in both Lego City and Pirates, Farmer Joe’s Chicken Company which was full of all things chicken and Pirates Burger Kitchen.

legoland 365 tickets

Eventually we all agreed on Pirates Burger Kitchen and I am pretty glad we did, the food was faultless. I will say however, that there wasn’t much choice when it came to the drinks. Shaniah went for a Chicken nugget kids meal which she devoured in seconds, and everyone else went for a Chicken burger meal either grilled or crispy. The chips that accompanied our meals were second to none and I still believe they are the tastiest fries I have ever tried. The restaurant was super tidy and clean pretty much like the whole park if I am honest. It was also very spacious which is something that I love.

legoland 365 tickets

Lego Miniland

legoland 365 tickets

This is the place that I was looking forward to checking out all day! Now, I have seen many pictures of Miniland and I am about to spam you with a whole lot more but you have got to believe me when I say that no picture will ever so this part of the park justice, it is a place where you are only ever going to understand its true beauty when you are seeing it for your own eyes.

There are many iconic skyscrapers within miniland which are absolutely humongous which made my daughter super grumpy at me and my naff attempts to build Lego towers with her at home, I just can’t get them big enough before they topple over, I do not know how the guys of Legoland Windsor do it. They are wizards!

legoland 365 tickets

We spent a good few hours walking at a pace slower than a snail through the grounds of miniland and honestly, it was mesmerizing. It is super hard to believe that each and every sculpture is made entirely out of Lego. There are moving cars, buses, helicopters, name a mode of transport and I bet you’ll be sure to find it here. Shaniah absolutely loved pretending to be a giant through all the icon buildings and we enjoyed pointing out the buildings that we recognised. What an experience.

Legoland 365 tickets


Overall, In my opinion, this is without a shadow of a doubt one of Britain’s must see days out. Yes it is a little on the expensive side but with everything within the grounds of Legoland and the smiles which radiate off youngsters and adults faces alike, it more than pays for itself. I cannot recommend 365 tickets enough for purchasing tickets to some of the best places in Britain, and they have a lot.

One thing that helped guide us through our day was the Legoland mobile app which has a built-in map and frequently updated ride queue times meaning that we were able to plan our day and know the ride times before we walked lengths to check.

Legoland, we will be back.

Thank you ever so much to 365Tickets who kindly gifted us free tickets to Legoland Windsor in return for our honest opinion.

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