A timeless piece from Abelini.

Black and white photo of a square ring sat on a flower.
Black and white photo of the ring sat on a candle lid slightly ajar.

There was once a little girl who used to sneak into her parents’ room and rummage through her mother’s jewellery. She would try on all her mother’s rings, she would struggle to do up the necklaces so instead she would just look at herself in the mirror whilst holding it up to her neck and imagine what it would look like on. She pleaded with her parents for months at the age of 6 to get her ears pierced, they eventually caved in and this little girl is now a twenty-two-year-old adult and still feels the same tummy warming feeling that she did as a child when looking through the window of a jeweller.

Square ring on top of a bottle of perfume.
The ring sat on a burn out wick inside a candle jar.

That little girl was me. I can remember spending the majority of my pocket money being spent in Claire’s accessories on endless amounts of rings, bracelets and necklaces that I would wear so much that the rings would turn a funny colour and the chains on my necklace would break. Still, that meant that I had an excuse to get more – not that I ever needed one. One of my most treasured presents as a child was a jewellery box from my grandmother for Christmas one year. It was wooden and had four draws down the right-hand side that housed all my rings, on the left, there was a door with a rose window that opened up to reveal a spinning hanger, shaped like a chandelier, that I would hang most of my necklaces on. The top of the jewellery box was my absolute favourite! It would open up to a lined tray with the most beautiful yet so delicate ballerina, which once the key at the back of the jewellery box was turned, would spin around to the most beautiful of tunes.

Fast forward to now and my jewellery collection, although updated and matured somewhat, is still as large as it was back then. There’s just something about adding a piece of jewellery to an outfit when you’re going out that makes the whole outfit feel that bit more special, elegant – you name it.

The ring sat on top of the jewellery box with a blurred perfume bottle in the background.
The ring on the heel of my shoe.

Recently, I was asked if I would like to find my perfect piece of jewellery from Abelini. As you can imagine, it was like a dream come true for me – I am pretty sure I even squealed when I read the email. Browsing through the pieces that Abelini had to offer, I was rather spoilt for choice. They were all so beautiful, how on earth was I meant to choose? I thought I was going to be still deciding this time next week when all of a sudden, a beautiful halo ring in a princess shape caught my eye. I instantly knew that that was the one for me, the one that was missing from my jewellery collection and also the one that I would wear with pride.

The ring in the ring box
A balck and white photo of the ring between my fingertips.

A few days later, the postman knocked on my door with a very important package, IT WAS MY ABELINI RING! Now, I definitely let out a squeal when I opened up the ring box – It is so sparkly. I just stopped still for a minute and admired the ring for all it’s beauty. I have some wonderful rings, each one tells it’s own story and each one as equally sentimental as the one beside it.

A picture of the ring sat ontop of another bottle of perfume with the ring box blurred infront of it.

About Abelini.

I am certain that you’re wanting to know more about Abelini and their diamond rings right? Of course, you are! Abelini is more than just your average jewellers, they know that jewellery plays a rather big part in most of our lives biggest moments and that is why they believe that business it more than just making money, its about providing choice, about providing security. You can tell that this is more than just a business for them, it’s something that they love.

A black and white photo of my ring on my ring finger whilst i place my hand on my shoe.
Overall thoughts.

I absolutely love this ring, the amount of detail that this ring holds in such a small place is mesmerizing. You can tell that love and experience has gone into this ring and I am all for it. Now I just need somewhere fancy to go to show it off!

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery?

Disclaimer – I was kindly sent this ring free of charge, however, this does not affect my views or sway my opinion in any way.


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