8 Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas For A Friend’s Birthday

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As we can all agree, gifts build and reinforce existing relationships between people, and are symbolic of appreciation and love. There will always come that time when one of your closest friends is celebrating their birthday, and you will probably want to get them something nice to show your appreciation. It can be a tricky situation if you’re on a tight budget, while trying to find the best gift that is pocket-friendly and representative of your friend’s personality. Here are eight birthday gift ideas you should consider giving your friend that can help to solve your dilemma.

1.A Good Book

Books aren’t popular choices for gifts in general. Research from Nielsen books reveals that the number of people buying books as birthday presents declines by 8% yearly. Nevertheless, this is a choice to be considered strongly – mainly if your friend has expressed a genuine interest in books. Pay attention to their tastes to guide your choice – maybe they are a massive Game of Thrones fan, or they repeatedly talk about a particular subject which you notice they are passionate about. You can also give them one out of a multitude of self-help books that truly has staying value as it can be re-read many times. Friends who are bookworms will consider this gift as a thoughtful gesture on your part.

2. Clothing And Accessories

Gifts like a nice watch or a trendy pair of shoes work for everyone regardless of whether they are into fashion or not. When choosing what clothes and accessories to give someone, it is always important to factor in their tastes and what will make the biggest impression on them. Is the birthday boy or girl a party animal who loves to show up to events with trendy clothing? Consider getting them a snazzy shirt or slinky dress that they will appreciate. A friend with an interest in bracelets may well enjoy some quirky ankle bracelets. Or perhaps your friend is the outdoor type, choosing to spend most of their free time hiking and being out in the open. A great pair of trendy sunglasses will, therefore, be perfect for them, and you can find a wide range to choose from at www.eyeglasses.com.

3. Birthday Cards

Cards have long been a significant part of the gift-giving tradition for all occasions. The greeting cards market records annual retail sales of over £7.5 billion, with birthday cards accounting for over half of total non-seasonal cards that are sold by these companies. This shows that cards still remain a classic and practical budget-friendly gift idea. Be creative with your themes and messages, and consider including a little handwritten note inside to add a personal touch because it is considered by many as thoughtful. You definitely cannot go wrong with giving your friend a card on their birthday. And if you can afford it, why not slide in a little gift card for one of their favourite stores or restaurants. It will surely show how considerate you are whilst being easy on your budget.

4. Baked Goods

The go-to birthday cake will never go out of fashion as a gift for your friends and loved ones on their special day. In 2012, the estimated retail sales value of baked cakes alone in the UK was around £2.9 billion. Nowadays, there are a host of other bakers’ confectioneries that you can use in addition to or as a substitute for cakes ranging from pastries to muffins. However, you should pay attention to ingredients that are allergens, and give thought to packaging before you deliver the goodies. Choosing baked goods as a birthday gift is popular because it is economical, thoughtful and provides the celebrant with a rare treat.

5. Quirky Stationery

Gifting your friends cool and quirky stationery can prove to be an efficient gift idea if they are avid writers or bloggers. Instead of the bog standard stationery – look for alternative, quirky and creative stationery that represents their personality. Stationery will always come in handy therefore, giving your friends diaries and notebooks along with pens in different colours as birthday gifts may be more appreciated than you might think.

6. Perfume

A survey in 2018 revealed that UK customers spent £7.5 billion on fragrance products. Fragrance in a general sense is considered one of the best gift ideas for any occasion. Giving someone perfume shows that you put a lot of thought into your gift selection, as many people consider perfumes an emotional gift or a sign of affection. Fragrances are also one of the most memorable gifts a person can receive- anytime they wear it; they’ll automatically think of you. Perfumes are also unique because people don’t buy them often. Therefore, giving someone a lovely scent with great packaging indicates that they are worth the cost.

7. A Healthy Snack-Filled Hamper

Expenses on food are one of the biggest finance drainers in the average UK household. Many of your friends (especially those with children) may well be open to receiving a generous amount of healthy snacks as a gift. Snacks are a critical nutritional aspect for most families, particularly when there are several energetic children to feed and entertain. Ordering a snack hamper filled with an assortment of fruit bars, drinks, and a variety of snacks as a birthday present is, therefore, a practical gift idea that you should consider.

8. Personalized Gift Items

A YouGov survey reveals that the personalised product market in the UK currently stands at over £1 billion. This statistic indicates a strong demand for custom-made gift-giving in the current economy because more people are adding a personalised touch to their gift ideas. It would help if you also considered giving your friends customised gifts as well. A nice framed picture, personalized vacuum flask, engraved keychains and personalised jewellery are substantial gifts that your friends are bound to appreciate

And there you have it! So when the next birthday celebration rolls around for a friend in your close circle, you’ll have a long list of gift ideas to make their day feel extra special without breaking the bank!


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