7 Top Tips for Managing Hayfever

Everybody loves the summer: sunshine, trips to the seaside and ice creams, but for those of you with hayfever, summertime can be a nightmare. Nevertheless, check out this handy guide to some top tips for managing hayfever.

1. Take your meds

The best thing you can do for hayfever is to take your meds. If you have trouble remembering, use a pill tracking device, an alarm on your phone, or a bullet journal page. It might be annoying, but consistency in taking allergy meds makes all the difference. 

Don’t forget to discuss with your doctor which medication is best for you. They may be able to advise you on alternatives to medication. 

2. Get a pollen count app

Keeping an eye on the local pollen count is essential, especially if you treat your symptoms on an off-the-cuff basis instead of daily. It’s a helpful little reminder to watch out for signs or maybe avoid fields and gardens that day. Even it just reminds you to carry tissues; it will help.

Most pollen count apps are free, so there isn’t any cost involved, and it could change your whole summer.

3. Carry tissues

Those handbag packets of tissue might be cute, but they’re also a lifesaver if you suffer from hayfever. Keeping a pack in your bag will make everything much more comfortable. You never know; it might help you form a habit, so you’ll never be without tissues again.

4. Remove trees from your garden

Several types of pollen affect hayfever sufferers, and one of the worst is tree pollen. If you live near trees, this could cause you a lot more hayfever symptoms than usual. It’s worth looking at getting trees removed if your symptoms are severe and you have the authority to. Check out Tree Company Removal and research how much that would cost. 

5. Avoid long grass

Long grass causes all kinds of problems for hayfever sufferers, and it’s best avoided during peak pollen season or when your symptoms are flaring up. If nothing else, long grass and grass seed tickle the nose and throat and may aggravate existing symptoms. 

6. Honey

Some people think honey can help desensitise your body to hayfever. However, this is not medically proven, and other remedies work much better. The honey theory works based on the pollen bees use, helping to desensitise your body to other pollens and thus reduce allergic reactions. It’s not good for your teeth, though, so this is not recommended!

7. Hydration

You can help your body deal with allergens by keeping hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is a must during summer anyway, and with allergens and symptoms to manage, being adequately hydrated is really beneficial. The guidelines state eight glasses per day, but it differs for everyone based on weight, diet and lifestyle. 

However you manage your hayfever, take care of yourself during the summer months. Hopefully, this handy list with our top tips will help you manage your hayfever symptoms better this year and next. 

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