7 Reasons To Get A Cat

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Thinking of getting a cat, but not sure if they’re the right pet for you? Here are 7 reasons why a cat could make the purr-fect pet.

They’re great with kids

If you’ve got kids, a cat could be the perfect pet. Cats can help to provide companionship for kids and improve social skills. Many cats love to be teased with cat toys and can be very playful. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about them getting overly playful like some dogs. 

They cost less than a dog

Owning a cat tends to be cheaper than owning a dog. Food and vet bills are cheaper than their canine counterparts, and you don’t have to worry about grooming costs as cats groom themselves. For those that want a furry companion but are living on a tight budget, a cat could be a more sensible option than a dog.

They’re suitable for all types of homes

Having a garden is a requirement if you have a dog. Cats meanwhile don’t need outdoor space – while they can benefit from playing and hunting outside, they can still be comfortably raised as indoor pets. This makes them great pets for apartments as well as houses. 

They can get rid of pests

Cats are a great form of pest control. If you’re having problems with mice or rats, getting a cat will soon eradicate the problem. It was this reason that cats originally became pets thousands of years ago – they’re excellent at scaring away rodents.

They’re comfortable being left alone

Cats can be left alone for long periods without causing them distress. This makes them suitable for people who are out of the house for long periods of time per day. Of course, if you’re leaving a cat for more than a couple days, you probably should still organise someone to pop around your home and feed your cat and provide some interaction – cats may be very independent, but are still social creatures at their core.

They’re low-maintenance pets

Unlike dogs, cats need little looking after. You don’t have to groom them or check that they’re getting enough exercise. Of course, you still need to feed them, change their litter tray and take them to the vets when necessary – but that’s practically it. This makes them great for people that don’t want the stress of responsibility. Living with dogs is more like living with kids while living with a cat is more like living with a friend.

In fact, they can relieve stress

Not only do cats rarely cause stress, but they can also help relieve it. Stroking a cat has been found by scientists to be very therapeutic.

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