Be Beautiful In A Flash With These 7 Speedy Hacks

Every girl knows the feeling of being rushed off your feet every morning when you need to get ready to go to work or a meeting. This becomes even more difficult when you’ve got a little one running around. If only there were a magic wand to make you look beautiful in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, there is no such thing, but there are a tonne of speedy and efficient ways that you can look gorgeous with minimal effort. From refining your new do to perfecting your skin, you can actually get ready to head out of the door in around ten to fifteen minutes flat. These seven speedy hacks are going to revolutionise the way you get ready in the morning, so take note now!

1.Happy Hair In A Hurry

When you are having a bad hair day it seems like the entire week is going to crumble underneath your feet. Life just isn’t fair when your mane can’t seem to be tamed. This becomes a real problem if you’ve got curly or wavy hair which seems to double in volume with the smallest hint of humidity. If you have this kind of problem then look here for the best diffusers for curly hair. After you have showered, all you need to do is give your hair a five minute powerful blast with one of these bad boys and you will have stunning tousled curls straight away. If you often have trouble taming the strays a little oil can do the trick. Not only will a pea sized amount of coconut or baby oil make your hair look extra sleek and shiny, but it will keep it under control no matter what the Great British weather decides to do. Use the oil sparingly as you don’t want it to appear greasy; just the smallest drop will do the world of good.

girl with curly hair
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2.Magic Moisturising Methods

The idea of having to meticulously rub moisturiser all over your hands, feet, face and elbows every time you get out of the shower is painstaking. It takes so long to wait for everything to soak in and you just don’t have the time for that. The truth is, that you don’t need to moisturise your body every single day; if you use it too much your skin is going to get used to it, so it won’t be effective. Rub a tiny pea sized amount across your face every morning and that is all. Save your mammoth moisturising routine for a weekend or an evening when you’ve got time to relax and let it all sink in. If you do it the evening before your hectic day, you won’t even need to rinse it off in the morning. Showering in the evenings will save you a tonne of time the next day.

woman looking at herself in the mirror
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3.Pimple Power

You’ve spent many hours trying to attack a gross, bulbous spot that has appeared on your chin overnight. It seems to add about an hour onto your morning routine because you a constantly rubbing concealers, lotions, foundation, pressed powder and anything else you can layer on top of the annoying little bugger. The truth is, that all of this make up is actually making the problem a lot worse. You will be irritating it by adding all of these substances, because your pores will start absorbing the chemicals in your make up. You are never going to completely mask a pimple, so stop wasting your energy in the morning. Find a redness reducing solution that you can dab on when disaster strikes. Avoid putting make up directly over the top of it and just let it be. Over the course of the day the inflammation and redness will soon die down and your zit will be in a much more manageable state by the time you get home from work. During the evening you can spend more time applying a charcoal face mask, steaming your pores and exfoliating properly, so that the problem eases by the next morning.

4.Efficient Eyes

When your eye make up goes well there is no better small victory. When your winged eyeliner goes wrong it can have a catastrophic effect on the rest of your day. Avoid these morning meltdowns by keeping it as simple as possible when you know you’re in a hurry. Applying eye make up should obviously never be rushed as it is a really intricate process, but you can use this handy hack to touch it up when disaster does strike. Grab a cotton bud and use it to fix the small areas that smudge or go slightly astray. If you use a cotton pad or tissue, the likelihood is that you’re going to smudge the rest of your make up too, which will only lead to even bigger problems. Dip the tip of the cotton earbud into your cleanser and you will be able to make quick fixes to any eye make up dilemmas.

Close up of a womans eye with green make up.
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5.Every Busy Girl’s Best Friend

Sometimes the best thing to do in a hurry is to ditch the full make up routine altogether use your natural beauty. Understandably, not everybody feel confident enough to step out of the house bold and bare faced, but this trick can work for anybody who is desperately in a hurry to leave the house looking vaguely acceptable to the human world. Vaseline is something that every girl needs to have in the make up bag, simply because it is so versatile. You can use it to add volume to your lashes, plump up your lips, add a gleam to your cheeks and tame your un-plucked brows. Basically, if you’re going to leave the house hurriedly clutching any beauty product, Vaseline should be the one!

Fresh faced woman
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6.Luscious Lips

Even when your entire beauty routine has gone out of the window in the morning, you can always rely on a splash of lipstick to save the day. You don’t even have to apply it before you leave the house; as long as you’ve got a steady hand you can swish it on during your bus or train ride. You will be instantly made over in a matter of seconds. If you want the colour to last longer than apply it lightly and layer it on gradually. This means that you won’t need to reapply it as often throughout the day as your colour will be popping for hours on end.

7.Savvy Shaving

Another top tip for getting out the door in a flash is to leave your shaving routine until the weekend. If you’re unlucky to have dark hair and you need to keep on top of those growths then plan out your evenings strategically, so that you’ve got time to prep and preen your body to perfection. In summer it can become really difficult to deal with, but as soon as winter rolls around you can just let that hair grow for as long as you like. Snuggling up under high boots, jeans and thick wooly jumpers is sometimes the biggest time saving method a girl can ask for!

Getting out the door doesn’t have to be the mammoth chore it’s made out to be. You deserve to look beautiful every single day of the week, so don’t let your beauty routine get the better of you. Take note of these simple speedy hacks that will transform the way you get ready in the mornings; even if you only have five minutes it is still totally possible. You might even find that you are spending less money on beauty products because you are using less of them! They say that beauty comes at a cost, but it doesn’t always have to.

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