6 Ways to Feel Good This Autumn

It’s autumn! I know that this is late, by the first day of autumn I have usually got a post up and knees deep in autumnal chat however, this year I kind of missed the memo! Damn you Disneyland, you’ve frazzled my brain.

Anyway, this year I’m belatedly coming at you with a post all about my favourite ways to feel good throughout autumn. As the nights get longer, darker and somewhat colder, it can be super hard to feel good. Personally for me, I find that my anxiety skyrocket’s around this time of the year. Anyway, here is what I do to help.

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

1.Do the DMC
(That’s deep meaningful chat to you and me). Sure chatting on messenger or Twitter is a fantastic way to keep up with the latest gossip, not only from friends but celebs too (#WagsAtWar)! But recent research has shown that nothing beats an in-person natter, in fact, it is essential for our happiness.

2. Vitamin Vitals
Anyone else feel sluggish and a little down as soon as the evenings get darker? You are not alone! Sunlight provides us with much-needed vitamin D, this helps to keep our bones strong and also something that plays a heavy part in our mental wellbeing. Low levels of Vitamin D have been linked to depression and anxiety. Research shows that one in five of the UK population has vitamin D deficiency. It’s easy enough to top up your V-D by taking supplements (or flying abroad to somewhere nice and sunny?).

3. Do that clear out
Clutter, not only does it look untidy, scientists also say that it zaps away energy as our brains don’t have a clue where to focus it’s attention. Take this as a perfect opportunity to stick on Netflix and Marie Kondo the shit out of your house.

4. Snuggle on down
With the weather taking a drastic change from flip-flops to UGG boots and ice-lollies to Costa’s autumn range, what better excuse to snuggle up in the evenings? Grab a blanket, light a candle and munch your way through homemade cottage pie. You’ll feel better for it.

5. Get out and about
Autumn can only mean one thing – crunchy leaves! I absolutely love walking through crunchy leaves, I think everyone young and old has a soft spot for doing this. Walking in nature is great for soothing the soul and there’s also evidence that it can boost your immune system by upping your levels of white blood cells. Cold and flu season will have nothing on you!

6. Sing it back, bring it back, sing it back to me
Ever sing along whilst pushing a vacuum cleaner across the carpet? Next time someone moans at your cringy howling, throw scientific evidence their way, you see, any form of singing, even the dodgy karaoke stuff Auntie Sue sings at Christmas, can actually produce satisfying and therapeutic effects. If there were ever an excuse to sing terribly around the house, here it is!


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