5 Ways to Refresh Your Blog’s Branding

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

What is branding?

Chances are, if you’ve come across this post then you would have some idea of what branding is but if not, let me talk you through.

Every blog has its own personality and yours is no different. The way we show off the personality is through branding. Like products that you may find on the shelves, a bold logo, brand name and information about what your product, or in your case, blog, is about, thus being branding.

So, as you might have grasped branding is essential. It’s like an advertisement for your blog/brand before your readers go in and read your writing. If you specialize in gardening and outdoors then a nice green and brown colour theme. If you’re about all things girly then a light and pink colour theme would probably be for you.

If this has made you realize that your blog’s branding needs a little revamp then I have good news, below you will find 5 quick and easy ways to get your branding on point.

Change your theme.

This one is one that I find very important when it comes to branding. Many web hosting sites have a wide range of free themes available at the click of a button, and the majority of them are absolutely great and fit for purpose, however, the trouble with these free ones is the fact that there will be a whole range of other people who are also using that theme, this makes it more difficult for you to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

If you have the funds to do so, I highly recommend searching around for a paid theme, you will be able to change things up on it to suit your niche and brand but you will also find that there will be fewer people with the same theme, leaving you free to stand out.

Change your domain name, category, or niche.

With time, the topics which you find yourself writing about change, parent bloggers tend to move on to lifestyle once their children have grown and as a result, the domain name that they once picked no longer suits their style. While the thought of changing your domain name might leave your brain feeling a little fried, it’s worth talking to your domain hosts to see whether they offer this service. Some companies offer to do this for you which is a godsend.

Changing the domain name to something that suits your blog is the perfect way to get you relevant readers and of course perfecting your brand.

Download fonts.

Another easy way to transform your branding is to change up the fonts. Changing up the fonts that you use on your website will give your blog a more personal feel and also make it more unique meaning that your branding will thrive.

What font you ultimately go for depends on your niche, If your blog is centred around serious content you may wish to opt for a more sophisticated font. If you are all about spooky haunted tales, you may wish to opt for a more old-style font.

Interested in doing this step? It is so simple, you simply find a font download website, find a font that suits your brand and then upload it to your website.

It is worth pointing out that while the thought of changing your font might fill you with excitement and lead you down a path of changing every single font on your website, it is important to remember that no matter how loyal your readers may be, nobody is going to spend their precious time trying to decipher what it is you’ve actually written, so it is best to keep the font of your articles as the standard Times New Roman style.

Create a catchy header image.

This one is ever so important, the first thing people see who visit your blog is your header, thus being the most important part of your branding. There are many places to make FREE headers. My favourite website to use is Canva, I have changed my heading many times over the years and Canva is where I have created nearly all of them.

Create a carousel.

The perk of purchasing your own theme is the fact that you are free to edit your website any way you wish. One of the greatest additions that paid themes have is the option to create a ‘carousel’ at the top of your page. This is the perfect place to add all your favourite posts that you have written. Think of it a bit like window shopping, advertise your brand and entice people into your wonderful work.

Use all these things and you will have the perfect blog with the perfect branding!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

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