5 Things You Should Do The Moment You Touch Down In Perth, Australia

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If you want to explore the western world but also want to be miles away from civilization, your options are limited. You either go to Alaska (which is actually quite populated) or you head somewhere remote in the Spanish mountains.

But it turns out that there’s another destination that really is in the middle of nowhere (although it won’t feel like that when you arrive). And that place is called Perth.

Take a look at Perth on the map. It’s right on the western edge of the Australian mainland, literally thousands of miles from Sydney and Brisbane. Perth is stuck right out on its own, with nothing but desert until you reach Alice Springs in the middle of the country.

Once you arrive in Perth, you’ll want to start your itinerary immediately. Here’s what to do:

Walk The Swan River

Like most major cities, Perth sits on a river. And it’s a beautiful one at that. The Swan River goes from the leafy suburbs all the way out to the ocean, and walking along it is one of the best ways to get to know the area. Seeing everything on foot is far better than trying to take it all in from a seat on a bus. It’s also a nice peaceful introduction to the city, particularly if you have been on a flight for the previous twenty hours.

Visit The Kangaroos At Heirisson Island

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Speaking of the Swan River, it’s home to a small outcrop called Heirisson Island that you can visit and escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The park is home to many creatures including, importantly, its own gathering of kangaroos.

If you want to see the roos, you’ll need to walk through a gate on the western side of the island to protect the animals from a busy road. Allocate at least a couple of hours to look for the roos since they can be shy during the daytime.

Grab A Car Rental

Car rentals in Perth are a little different from other major cities around the world. Operators don’t adorn their vehicles with annoying, ugly stickers that let everyone know that you’re new to town.

Burswood Car Rentals has good deals but there are many others you can check out. Just be sure to look for outfits that include extras in the upfront price and don’t charge hidden fees.

Go For An Evening Out In Northbridge

Northbridge is just a short distance from the middle of Perth and a great place to go shopping, eat at restaurants, and find entertainment. It’s home to the best bars and nightclubs in the city so be sure to check it out.

Go Shopping

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As in most major cities, the downtown area is where you’ll find the most shops. There’s a mixture of conventional covered malls, markets, and independent stores to keep you interested. Most areas are closed to traffic which is a nice little European touch to make you feel like it’s home away from home.

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