5 Things they never told you about being parents.

When Shaniah came along I had only just turned 17. I did everything a first time parent does, I read pretty much all the parenting books and listened to what everyone had to say (both good and bad) and I was certain that I had all the knowledge I needed to dive head first into this whole parenting malarkey. Boy how wrong was I?

1. Your beautifully clean car? Yep once your spotless car turns into a waste tip. No matter how often you decide to clean your car the back seats never get any better,  Just last week on a trip to our local Mall we turned around to find Shaniah munching on a Pringle, we know for a fact she hasn’t had them for a good couple of weeks!

2. You may not feel you love your child straight away but that’s okay. A lot of mothers will talk about how as soon as their baby popped out they felt that instant connection and a love like no other. But for many, many others there is this period where you’re getting used to the new addition and that’s perfectly okay. having a baby is a massive responsibility and an even bigger change. It’s expected that you may feel uncomfortable and have doubt, you certainly aren’t the first.  There are people out there who can help make this new journey a calm and comfortable one because believe me you are not alone.

3. Toddlers are monsters. Your once so beautifully sweet newborn turns into this miniature human who will happily sit in their poop filled nappy whilst they rub their snot trails all around their faces. No matter how polite you are, you are almost guaranteed that they are going to pick up on a couple of swear words and fire them out like a bloke watching their football team lose. These words tend to come out more down a busy aisle in a supermarket.

4. Housework? Ha what is that? Your house work will take the back seat. You’ll promise yourself that it will get done when your child eventually takes a nap but you’ll actually find yourself taking a nap also at the same time. Your floor? Well you can kiss that goodbye. I can never really get my head around the fact that it takes me ages to tidy the lounge up from all the toys yet at 8am the net day down comes my little girl and at precisely 8.01am all those toys that took you a good 20 mins to put away suddenly make it back out onto the floor and I mean ALL.

5. You wont be the greatest parent you imagined you’d be. Yes, this includes you lot who are reading all the books and articles on parenting you can find. As soon as those lines show up on those glorious piss sticks you’ve given yourself those out of reach ambitions of being the worlds greatest living parent, but in reality there’s days where you will happily settle for the worlds ok’est parent. you wont always get things right first time, you’re going to get things wrong, you’re going to have days where you just sit at home in your pj’s munching a bar of chocolate, you’ll question some of your choices but believe me that’s just what being a parent is. I am yet to come across a parent who has forever got it together because in reality those kind of people don’t exist, as long as your child is happy, watered, clean and fed, you’re doing a great job and in those little eyes staring back at you… YOU ARE THE WORLDS GREATEST PARENT and that right there, is all that will ever matter.


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