5 must have newborn products..

Bringing home your new bundle is a daunting task for anyone whether it’s your first time or not. below i have listed the top 5 products I couldn’t live without.


1. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine.tomee

Now this is my favourite product ever.  It’s like a coffee machine for babies! I found the whole bottle making stuff dead confusing when i first popped out my little one. I had just pushed a human out of my privates and i’m just getting my head around the fact that i now have a designer vagina and it looks a state and you’re sat here telling me how to prepare a bottle? Jesus! Anyway i got the hang of it but it wasn’t half boring. One day my mother came through the door with gifts my baby and there was one big thing in a box. at this point i was hoping it was a special device that made peeing with stitches that little bit bearable… it wasn’t. It was this little fella, I gave it a whirl and my god in under 2 minutes you’ve got yourself a bottle at the perfect temperature for your hungry monster! This is heaven. Night feeds have never been so bearable baby cries, you leg it downstairs, fight to keep your eyes open for two minutes hear a beep and boom go feed the milk monster you superhero!

2. Ewan the dream sheep!


If fairy godmothers were to disguise themselves as fluffy animal shaped cuddly toys they would certainly be this little guy! Mean Ewan, an all round legend of a sheep. If you are like me and bloody love your sleep (if you don’t who are you?) but your baby loves pulling all nighters (not now mate you’ll be doing enough of those when you’re 18) go get yourself an Ewan! Ewan replicates the sounds of mummy’s womb and the soothing sound of a heartbeat and his little tummy glows pink. all this is just what they’d have seen and heard in your tummy so bam off they go to sleep and be warned so might you (written from experience).


3.  A bouncer.



One thing that doesn’t stop when a baby is born is time and the rest of the family will come home and complain that they’re hungry now what they don’t get is that is that babies love cuddles almost as much as you love giving them so when it comes to doing dinner its always a battle between a crying baby and finding the inspiration to actually go and do something. Now, personally I don’t find slaving over a hob with my baby in a carrier very safe (over protective mother I know) so that was never an option for me so i invested in the next best thing a bouncer. stick your baby in the bouncer put on the vibrations and the brain killing tunes and your baby is happy whilst you’re busy and an added bonus they can see you and you can see them.


4. A swaddle blanket.


This beauty is a god send also, swaddling your baby helped them to feel safe and secure. Wrapping your baby up can stop them from being disturbed by their own startle reflex.

5. Nursing pillow.


This little beauty helped me massively when I was both breast feeding and bottle. It meant I had hold of my bundle of joy comfortably and it just made it all easier. my little girl is 2 now so she no longer needs it so I’ve nicked it and I must say its the comfiest pillow I’ve ever laid my head on. with a boyfriend snoring the house down and sucking in the curtains any item to help me have a comfortable sleep is much appreciated.


So there you have it, my top 5 products for a newborn (and you). What were your top 5 products? leave them in the comments below!


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