5 Funny little things tag about Shaniah.

Thank you so much to Cassie blogging over at Lily’s Little Learners for the tag.

Our little ones are always doing funny things, one minute they could be being a clown the next minute they’re playing up and testing your patience. One thing that never changes though is our undying love for them.

So lets celebrate those funny moments here are the top 5 funny things that Shaniah does that makes me chuckle.

1. Shaniah’s funny faces.

Ever since I can remember Shaniah has been pulling funny faces and the more you laugh the more she will do it, it is brilliant! She is definitely going to be the class clown when she’s older.

2. “That’s perfect!”

Shaniah has recently become obsessed with the phrase ‘that’s perfect’ from rearranging the toilet rolls to drawing on her freshly painted walls (that is one thing I didn’t laugh at!) anything she does she will say that is perfect upon completion.

3. In car karaoke.

Shaniah has always loved singing, from the moment she found her voice near enough everything that comes out of her mouth is musical in some way or another. We used to take frequent trips on the bus where she would always sing nursery rhymes resulting in her becoming well known to the regulars and a bus driver who always sang with her and honked his horn whenever they mentioned it whilst singing the wheels on the bus. Now however, she has swapped the bus for the car and nursery Rhymes for chart music!

4. Her diva ways.

Shaniah absolutely loves princesses but then again who doesn’t? Every girl dreams of becoming a princess when they’re older, Shaniah on the other hand chose to live it rather than dream. She will not have a bath without a bath bomb and it has to be a Lush one! She demands to have her back and feet rubbed and she loves to be pampered! I have never known someone so little be so high maintenance it’s brilliant!

5. Storytelling.

Shaniah is a sucker for a story, whether it’s at bedtime or simply just because she wants one. I love reading so I’m never one to turn it down. Shaniah has lately started telling us her own made up stories which are surprisingly really good. I’d love to write them down and show her them when she is older. She even does voices for different people which I find both hilarious and clever!

I could go on forever about the thing’s she does that makes me laugh but I have managed to narrow it down to just 5!

I would love to hear what other children do that makes you laugh so I am tagging:


What do your Little ones do that make you laugh?


2 thoughts on “5 Funny little things tag about Shaniah.

  1. Ahh brilliant! Love this! Thanks for the tag beautiful I’m just about to start mine! Narrowing it down to 5 may prove difficult ahaha xxx

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