5 Educational & Cultural Ideas for a Family Day Out


If you’re not planning a holiday abroad this year, don’t worry. There are plenty of fun and cultural options for a day out near you instead. You’d be surprised how many hidden gems there are to discover without the need to travel far. With a quick Google search, you can find national heritage sites, interactive museums, and inspiring areas of natural beauty that are just around the corner. Here are five ideas for a great family day out.

Visit national heritage sites

Plan a visit to a natural heritage site that’s steeped in history. You can find plenty of these dotted around the country. Here is a list of heritage sites so you can visit the ones closest to you. This is also useful if you’re planning a staycation this year. You can venture a little further and learn about the history and culture of somewhere new. Summer is the perfect time of year for spontaneous days out as well and many of these sites don’t require booking much in advance.

Check out a local museum

Check out a local museum that you’ve never visited before. Alternatively, you could look up the latest art exhibitions near you. Find something fun that aligns with your kids’ interests whether it’s a science or transport museum or interactive modern art gallery. If your kids get inspired you could even organise educational visits for them in the future with the student travel company. They offer plenty of trips with a cultural and educational focus.

Fun factory tours

Another fun, yet educational place to visit is a working factory. There are actually plenty of these around the country that offer tours and interactive activities. You could plan a visit to a chocolate factory, for instance, and sample freshly made treats. You might even get the opportunity to learn how to make your own. Here is a list of some more factory tours so that you can find one near you.

Discover natural caves

If you’re looking for a more geography-themed day out, why not discover natural caves like the Wookey Hole in Somerset? Various themed areas will really help to engage your children’s curiosity. If you’re after something a little different, there are plenty of other amazing geographical features to see as well so it’s worth giving it a quick Google search. Check out these other unusual places to visit, for example.

Explore an area of natural beauty
Encourage your children to develop an interest in ecology by exploring an area of natural beauty near you. You can set the projects to do to help them get in touch with nature. Try using apps such as iNaturalist to help you identify the local flora and fauna together. There’s nothing more inspiring than observing wildlife in their natural habitat. Spending time out in nature is very beneficial for kids and adults alike. It has a very calming effect and is a great way to de-stress. You’ll all return feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated.


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