Longleat Festival of light, 2016.

Every year in December longleat put on an incredible light display of Chinese lanterns made into fabulous shapes. 

I’ve always wanted to go and see this but as you’ll probably understand the Christmas period is a very hectic one and as a result we’ve never really got round to going. This year however we took Shaniah to meet santa at Longleat with Ryan’s parents (as shown on a previous post) and whilst we were there we made an effort to see the festival of lights. Boy did it live up to my expectations and more! 

This year it was celebrating 150 anniversary of Beatrix Potter’s birth and also the 50th anniversary of Longleat itself. 

Gigantic illuminated lanterns hand made into the famous Peter rabbit, squirrel Nutkin and Mrs Tiggy-Winkle lined the grounds. There was also a 20 metre tall birthday cake. 

Shaniah was absolutely gobsmacked by the craft and us adults looked on in amazement at how incredibly life like these creations were.

We will definitely make this a yearly trip from now on its incredible! 

Below are some photos I took of the incredible art. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do! 

Aren’t they just incredible? It’s so easy to forget these are all lanterns. Such skill, love and dedication has gone into each and every one.

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