Top 10 Tips For Disneyland Paris

It’s been less than a week since I’ve come back from Disneyland Paris, yet here I am itching to go back as soon as financially possible. I guess you could say I have caught the Disney bug, yet again!

As soon as I posted on Instagram that Disneyland is where I was, my inbox filled with people asking for tips and opinions on things. Since getting back home and the school run has been the same. So I thought it would be easier to put pen to paper or rather fingers to keys and share all my thoughts.

So come forth Disneyland Paris Tips!

  1. Download the Disneyland app.
    Rightly so, this app deserves the top spot on this post. If you only take one thing from this post, then make sure that it is this. The app proved invaluable to our Disneyland experience. It gives you all the information about where characters should be, how long the queues are for each ride, and it also allows you to book certain things.

    I used it to favourite rides we wanted to go on, find and favourite places to eat that were in our budget, and genuinely familiarise ourselves with the park layout.
front of hotel santa fe

2. Staying in Santa Fe (or any park hotel I’d imagine)? Here’s how to watch YOUR  programmes.

 Inside the hotel the tv in each room is programmed to play Disney channels and honestly, not much else. This is perfect for children but once they’re asleep, it starts to become something of a headache.

Me being the nosey person that I am decided to play around and managed to connect my phone to the tv! Here is how we were able to keep up with our Netflix series.

On the main screen where it has the room owners name, flick through until you get to the symbol that shows a tv and a phone. Once you click on that symbol you will have two options; wired connection and wireless. I opted for wireless, I downloaded “screen sharing” on my phone and proceeded to click wireless on the tv. My phone started to search for the tv (which is aptly named after the room number for ease), and once found I was able to use my phone to watch things on the tv. Impressive huh?

3. Go under the castle.
I will admit, under the castle was a little scary for Shaniah as it was rather dark, but many people don’t realise that Maleficent’s dragon is in fact underneath the princess castle! Although potentially scary for the younger ones, it’s certainly not to be missed.

4. Cafe Mickey is overrated.

Now, this is something I didn’t think I would write. I have such fond memories of character dining as a child that I couldn’t wait to recreate them with Shaniah. We thought long and hard about where we would go for this and we eventually settled for Cafe Mickey. Out of them all, Cafe Mickey’s menu was more fine dining so we went for that as a treat.

It cost us 65€ per adult and 35€ for a child. Both of whom are three-course meals (drinks not included with the adults). Honestly, the food was horrendous, inedible even, so bad that we actually headed across the way to McDonald’s right after.

Although the food was pants, the meet and greet with the characters made up for it, just a shame they weren’t included in the price!

5. Use the magic hours. 

If you’re staying in a Disney hotel you’ll instantly be eligible to enter Disneyland parks one hour earlier than the general public. Perfect for those busy rides you really want to try out!

6. Make an effort to watch at least one parade.
Even if standing in a crowded place isn’t something that you’re interested in, I cannot recommend enough that you stick it out to watch the parade. What you’ll witness here is breathtaking. The facial expressions that your children will have will make even the biggest of crowds worthwhile.

7. Some shops have exclusives, ask about them.

Some shops have products that are exclusively unique to them. I bought the most beautiful purse from one store and Shaniah bought the prettiest Jessie shoes from the little store in the Toy Story park. Both of which I haven’t found anywhere else.

8. Mickey’s kiss goodnight.

Approximately 10 minutes after Disney illuminations finish, Mickey mouse appears on the Main Street U.S.A train station and waves guests goodnight, he also recites a few lines!

9. Earl of Sandwich in Disney Village is THE perfect place to dine for value!

We headed there most mornings for a fry-up which comes with a hot drink and a glass of orange juice. Their wraps are also superbly tasty!

10) The best viewing location for the parade is just outside of Frontierland. You’re able to get a direct view of the floats coming at you with the castle in the backdrop. Camera’s at the ready…

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