10 years ago today – Music No.1


Rihanna ft. Jay-Z – umbrella.

10 years ago today Rihanna was top of the charts with her single umbrella. 10 whole weeks Rihanna managed to keep hold of the top spot and rightly so, after all it was one hell of a catchy song, teenagers all over the country were standing near the radios recording the song so they had it on their Motorola RAZR and could blast it out around their mates at school however, there was always one child who had wasted their credit by texting the number to receive the proper ringtone and everyone else begged them to bluetooth it to them – memories aye?

The first couple of weeks of Rihanna’s 10 week-long title were all rosy, there wasn’t a single radio that didn’t have someone singing along to it when the infamous Umbrella came on – the catchy tune seemed to have made even the gloomiest of people happy when it came on but the longer she stayed up the more regular the song became on the radio and the more repetitive it began to sound, obviously not too bad because she still managed to stay up there that long!

The start of her 10 week reign coincided with a change in our weather, every time umbrella came on you could guarantee that it was going to rain, it wasn’t just showers either it was full on unprecedented bursts of rainfall to the point that we ended up with torrential¬†flooding, creating a good ¬£6.5 billion worth of property damage. It wasn’t just England that saw the song create weather problems, New Zealand and Romania also experienced violent storms too! Leading to it being dubbed the ‘Rihanna curse’ by The Sun Newspaper.

Umbrella had one line that was repeated quite a bit and within that was ‘I’ll be here forever’¬†, which as it stands 10 years on Rihanna is still going strong and as for Umbrella, well that is still around and just as great as before if not better because it no longer brings along the rain!


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