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10 wishes I have for my child.

Children grow up so fast, we have numerous dreams for them and want nothing less than for them to become true. I am no different, I dream daily that little one will succeed in all the places that I didn’t or even couldn’t. I want to write all my wishes down and hand them to her at some milestone in her life, be that starting school or maybe when she leaves home. The truth is I am unsure just when I will give it to her but I thought I’d share them with you all now. So here goes!

  1. Save!

    Start saving money as soon as you can – you sure are going to need it someday. Don’t however let money be the steering wheel for your decisions, but do plan wisely.

  2. Be yourself.

    I wish I had known this throughout my childhood. Be unique, don’t hide yourself by following the crowd. You were born to original, you want to do something do it but in your own way. There are many different ways to do the same thing yet all ways are perfect.

  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    Sometimes Many times I spent my evenings worrying about things that in hindsight didn’t need to be given a second thought. If I had made a mistake whether that be at school or even at home I would worry about it over and over again to the point where I had cried myself to sleep on numerous occasions. Truth is there are very little things in life that are worth worrying over and your school life? Nah that isn’t one. I wish I had known that but at least I can tell you from the heart to not worry about a single thing. There are so many people around you who are willing to support and help you out with your worries all you need to do is say, which leads me on to my next wish.

  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

    This is life long advice here. Don’t you ever feel bad for asking for help humans have this fear built into them that asking for help is frowned upon, it really isn’t in fact, everyone will do it more than once in their life it is a natural thing to do and by doing so you are actually being extremely mature and admirable. Admitting you need help can be tough but I can assure you it is oh so worth it!

  5. Be honest.

    There is nothing more annoying in life than people who aren’t honest. From the moment you can talk being dishonest is frowned upon. You get no where in life without being honest as the truth always outs itself. If you don’t want to do something tell them, you broke something? Tell the owner, you’ll be surprised just how easier it is when you are honest and chances are they will give you credit for doing so.

  6. Live life to the full.

    This one should really be number one as it is oh so important! Living life to the full. I cannot stress enough how important that is, life is way too short for what if’s so if you have your heart set on it go for it, don’t hold back and spend the rest of your life wondering what could have been. If it doesn’t work out the way you had hoped that is okay too at least you gave it a try.

  7. Be in the picture.

    You’re probably reading that and thinking what on earth are you chatting? Well what I mean by that is when someone is taking a picture on whatever device you are using by this point don’t opt out in fear of what you’ll look like get in that photo girl even pull a funny face right in the centre of the group if you have to, because one day the coin will flip and instead of being asked to be in the photo you will instead be asked to take them and suddenly all you have to remember your days is the memories within your brain, no photos to share with your children or grandchildren. So get in those photos don’t give what you look like a second thought.

  8. Don’t be violent.

    Don’t become a bully, don’t start fights and don’t hurt people be that physically or mentally because believe it or not they hurt exactly the same. However if someone starts something, please defend yourself in the appropriate manner. Violence is never the answer and respect others!

  9. Love

    I want you to feel love, be that an animal or maybe you’re lucky enough to find  a soul mate. Just as I want you to love I don’t want you to hold onto a relationship that clearly isn’t working. You are going to go through a lot of heartache before you find your prince but please don’t hold on to the threads of a failed relationship. Sometimes things don’t work but that’s life and you will eventually find something that makes you happy.

  10. Travel.

    See the world not just through pictures but through your own eyes, go to every country you possibly can and try out the local foods. The world is such a big place and we live in only a tiny fraction of it. the world is there to be explored so with every opportunity take it! Just don’t bungee jump!


So there we have it, those are my 10 wishes. Some may be a little odd but all come with great reasoning.

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