10 Little things that make me happy!

Life can be pretty fast flowing and amongst the troubles and stress of daily life we often forget about the little things that make us happy, be that wearing your favourite perfume, having a wee without an audience or simply getting to the bottom of that washing pile.

The wonderful Zoe over at Mummyandliss and Rebecca over at Mygirlsandme┬áhave tagged me in the “10 things that make me happy” tag, so lets get started!

1. Stationary! I just love anything stationary, from starting a new pen to turning to the first page of a new notepad. I popped into Tesco the other day and got overly excited by my little purchase of 50 Bic pens. My love for stationary even saw me request it for my birthday!

2. Baking! Ever since I can remember I’ve loved baking. From simple fairy cakes to chocolate cakes fully decorated for someones birthday, I love it all. Others paint or knit to relax but I find decorating cakes is my relaxation point.

3. Make-up days! Don’t get me wrong I love not wearing make-up and my skin thanks me for it but boy do I love the days where I get to look less of a mombie. The days where I can hide my dark circles and have my hair in anything other than the cliche “mum bun” are the day’s that I live for.

4. My beautiful little girl. It’s the little things she does every day like say a new word or create a funny dance. The way she says she loves me randomly and asks 100 times a day for a biscuit. It’s the way she gives me a purpose.

5. Family. I’ve been through a lot in my 20 years of living. I’ve been diagnosed with Epilepsy, Supra-ventricular tachycardia, anxiety and depression and so on but everyone stood by me and helped me through it all. There’s always a shoulder available whenever I need one.

6. My other half, Ryan. On our second date I had a full blown seizure which resulted in me wetting myself (I have only ever done that once before) but he had it all under control requested certain things from the person in charge and once I had come back round he got me straight home and stayed with me that night to make sure I was okay. He could have easily dropped me off and never spoke to me again, thats what I was used to but nope 2 years and many, many seizures later he is still here and I cannot thank him enough.

7. LUSH. One word – Bath bomb! (I hear you all cheering!) There isn’t many thing’s that I love more than sinking into a nice warm bath with a bath bomb floating around within. I am a sucker for Lush’s Dragon egg. I get weirdly excited about glitter so on our first holiday together to Newquay, Ryan took me into Lush, I had never heard of it before, and told me to get the Dragons egg. He didn’t tell me what was inside he simply said it’s great for my skin. So we got back to the Lodge and that evening I tried it out and let out a little (or loud) cheer! My bath was filling up with gold glitter what is this incredible concoction? Now whenever I come across a Lush shop I have to go in and spend a ridiculous amount on their products. Naughty but oh so nice.

8. Holidays! I absolutely love going on holiday, I don’t care where it is just as long as it is spent with the ones I love. Every year We go down to Cornwall with Ryan’s family. I always say each time we go that I am going to try a proper Cornish pasty yet every car journey home I remember that I didn’t get one so I promise myself I will the following year – It hasn’t happened yet but I am certain that this year is the year, hopefully! The first year in my defense I didn’t realise we were actually n Cornwall… I know, how can you spend a week somewhere without knowing where you actually are? I am not sure either.

9. Blogging. I am new to the blogging scene but I absolutely love it already. I have always liked writing, when I was little I always had a diary and was forever writing stories when I should have been tidying my room. When I stumbled across blogging a few years ago I didn’t really know what to blog about so gave up but then Ryan pushed me to try again earlier in the year and I am so glad he did, this time round I am tackling it with a fresh mind and it is going so much better, I have made so many amazing friends through the blogging community which makes the whole process much better!

10. Leggings. I absolutely love lounging about in my leggings. I first discovered Leggings when I was pregnant as I wasn’t comfy in maternity jeans. and nearly 3 years later I am still chilling in my leggings!

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2 thoughts on “10 Little things that make me happy!

  1. Ahh I’m so excited for my first tag haha! Thanks hun! This year I’ll be buying you a proper Cornish pasty ? xxx

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