10 Facts about me tag!

Thank you to Becca over at My Girls & Me for tagging me in this tag.

The title is pretty self-explanatory so I don’t really need to introduce it so lets begin!

1. Since my first seizure 8 years ago I find reading and writing upside down easier than doing it the right way. Crazy right?

2. When I was in Primary school I was part of the school choir where I got the opportunity to sing at Womad with The Blind Boys Of Alabama.

3. I absolutely love Unicorns!

4.  Secondary School banned me from attending the end of school prom because I have Epilepsy and iin their words “[I’d] ruin it for everyone else”.

5. I am named after a signature on a credit card my mum saw whilst working at Somerfield.

6. I have never watched the whole of Titanic.

7. I am scared of feather dusters.

8. I bake way too many things that end up being given to family members! In my defence I really want to own my own business in which I sell home baked treats but I need the experience right? Besides nobody turns them down and free cake is free cake right? ?

9. I love Disney so, so much. I used to go to DisneyLand every year growing up and I need to go back there I literally NEEEEED to!  Probably won’t be able to go on many of the rides anymore but still the breakfast with the crew it’s totally more than enough for me! 

10. I used to drink a cup of gravy every night. Why? I’m not overly sure and quite frankly just thinking about it now makes me want to vomit. 

So thats that. I hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about me and didn’t get too freaked out by the last fact. So that is me a pavement raving, gravy drinking unicorn weirdo who runs away from feather dusters, haha!

I tag:

Kayleigh from My Little Brushneen blog

Louise from Mummy and me

Be sure to check out their sites as they hold some incredibly unique and exceedingly good posts!


1 thought on “10 Facts about me tag!

  1. Thank you so much for the tag! Apologies I’m awful and actually only just getting around to doing mine but will enjoy writing It 🙂 xxx

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