Lush – March wishlist.

It doesn’t take much to see i’m a crazy Lush fan. Ever since I went on holiday to Cornwall with my boyfriend and he introduced me to the Dragons egg when he realised I was a crazy lover of glitter.

Every bath time since then has featured a bath bomb. I love them and so does my 2 year old daughter! She used to be so frightened of the bath but we tried her with the ickle baby bot bath bomb and she loved it! The only downside to that is the fact she too will now only ever take a bath with a bath bomb!

We’ve both picked out the ones we would like to try this month. So here they are…

1. Sugar scrub – shower scrub (£2.95/100g)

I received a nice scrub in the Lush gift box Ryan got me for Christmas and ever since then I’ve been meaning to pick up another but once I actually enter the shop I get carried away and completely forget!

2. Lava lamp – Bath bomb (£5.25)

I chose this one simply because it looks pretty epic. It stands out and that’s got to be a good thing right?

3. Golden egg – bath bomb melt (coming soon)

One word: GLITTER!

4. Prince of darkness – fresh face mask (£6.95)

I’m a sucker for face masks yet I’ve never tried one of Lush’s so I think this month is the time to lose my lush face mask virginity.

5. Miles of smiles – toothy tabs (£5.95)

Now toothpaste in a solid form? I’ve never come across that before and the if I’m perfectly honest the thought quite excites me ha! I’ve been meaning to try these for a while so again, I think this month is the month in which to do so.

Shaniah also wanted to d0 one this month so here is hers…

1. Elsie the giraffe – reusable bubble bar (£6.95)

2. Mother earth – bath bomb (£7.95)

3. Twilight – bath bomb (£3.75)

4. Lover lamp – bath bomb (£4.25)

5. Chick’n’mix – bath bomb (coming soon)

6. Scrubee – body butter  (£6.95)


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