Treasuring Memories with Max Photo.

18th June 2019

This is a sponsored post. Times are changing. I often look back on my childhood and compare it to the likes of my teenage brother or even my daughter. Truth is, the world as we know it is changing. The childhood that we had is unlike anything the younger generation is used to. Talk to a child today about how you used to take it…

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Supporting a victim of abuse

12th June 2019

Domestic abuse is estimated to affect 2 million people every year, according to the Office of National Statistics, yet the police recorded less than 600,000 crimes relating to them in the same year. Whilst the majority of domestic abuse amy go unreported to the police, you can still offer your support to those who are suffering. It’s important to remember that domestic abuse comes in…

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My Beautiful Shaniah on Your 5th Birthday

11th June 2019

Dear Shaniah, Firstly, I cannot believe that you are five years old. It only seems like yesterday you were born a few days late and it felt as though you were just never going to come. Boy when you did decide to come you made labour one of the funniest experiences. Labour was so quick I often wonder if you were as excited to see…

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Shaniah’s Disney Party

9th June 2019

I am so glad to see the back of this party! Well, I say the party, it is more the party planning side to it that I am glad is over. It just seemed to go on. Oh and I didn’t factor in the fact that Shaniah seems to know and be friendly with everyone which meant that we had to give out THREE lots…

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A Guide to Repairing Jewellery

6th June 2019

Creating jewellery is most definitely an art form, and delicate pieces can easily become damaged, especially when you consider the strain of constant wearing, which does have a negative impact on any item of jewellery. If any of your treasured pieces are in need of repair, you should search for a jeweller that specialises in custom design, creation, and, of course, repair. Types of Jewellery…

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