Combining Messy Play and Role Play With Kooties.

15th July 2019

Gifted Product – Review| We were recently gifted a Kooties coverall, and we have spent the past week putting it to the test. After all, if it can survive Shaniah’s antics, it can endure anything! Shaniah has always been one to love role play and in particular, dressing up. Lately, Shaniah has been imagining that she is either a policeman or a doctor, which is…

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Can You Entertain a Child for 7 Days On-Site at Parkdean Resorts?

1st July 2019

Can you keep your children entertained at Parkdean Resorts White Acres for a week without using your car? Quick answer: Yes! Yes, you can. If you’re a regular around here you will know that I have epilepsy which means that I am unable to drive. Whilst that is usually not a problem as Ryan can drive. When we go on holiday to White Acres, Ryan…

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What Colour Shoes Are Best Pairs For A Golden Dress?

28th June 2019

Gold dresses are a league of their own. These sparkly creations can stand out anywhere that they are worn, which makes it a no-brainer option for young girls and fashionable women who want to look extra dazzling for their events. However, wearing an already attention-grabbing outfit means you have to be careful with your choice of accessories as it is easy to go overboard, from…

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My Dream Bathroom

25th June 2019

There is so much that I want to do to make our house feel more like a home. From redecorating the living room to updating Shaniah’s rather baby-ish bedroom. It feels like home renovations are just never truly complete and just when I think that I am happy, there is something else that I spot. The latest room that I want to tackle is the…

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Introducing Gohenry, a Pre-paid Card for Kids

23rd June 2019

Shaniah has recently turned 5. The topic of conversation at the moment is pocket money and whether or not Shaniah is ready to start receiving it. We thought long and hard about it, about whether she was ready for her ‘own money’ and also how much we should give her. Who knew something so simple could leave us so confused? Whilst scrolling through endless hours of…

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