Starting School Necessities

Starting school can be daunting, if not for your little one it certainly is for you! You wait months anxiously awaiting the letter to drop onto your doormat with the chosen school within. Praying that you get your first choice. Even when you find out you realise that that wasn’t your only worry, you now have to worry about getting the long list of essentials ready to gear up your baby for school. It isn’t easy and by god are you going to forget something, after all, you are only human.

Even if you do tick everything off the list there are a few things that you may need that never even made it onto the original list and that right there can really be a pain. I am going through the exact same thing, for this year Shaniah takes the big leap into school.

Here are a few ideas from both me and a load of awesome bloggers about the things that you will certainly need yet aren’t on the normal lists.

Headlice lotion.


Yep, I know that this is something that you would rather not think about but it’s a given. Primary school aged children are hugging monsters, they are practically joined at the head and lice… Lice spread like wild-fire through the youngsters head and before you know it you have a screaming child who is shouting obscenities at the comb. There are so many amazing head lice products out there, especially the Hedrin range.

Hedrin have a wide range of products that are designed to make the whole headlice scenario just that little bit bearable for both parent and child. Hedrin also have a special product that is designed to stop head lice from taking hold of your child’s hair. The perfect product!



Nametags! Something that you have probably thought about but these ones from My Nametags are perfect and easy to use. They stick to almost anything and last the test of time. My daughter tried them out on her favourite Belle shoes because she “didn’t want to lose them in the shop” and they are still stuck firmly and haven’t worn away a good 3 months later!

Everyone knows that children tend to come home with someone else’s jumper or shoe and it can be really hard to get your belongings back, a real pain in the bottom! These name tags provide security and also look pretty awesome too. You can choose from a wide range of styles. Freddie’s Mummy UK has also written about these handy tags over on her blog too.



Everyone loves receiving cards right? Of course, it makes you feel special and that is very much the case for youngsters too! If your little one is anything like mine they will actually be extremely excited to receive cards through the post! Heck, Shaniah even goes crazy over junk mail because it gives her something to open.

A simple card handed to them over breakfast on their first day of school could mean the world to a child that is a little bit anxious, show them how proud you are of their big milestone and have something for the memory box at the same time!

Amongst Hallmarks wide range of cards they also have a lovely selection of “1st Day at School” cards . Perfect for showing your little one just how proud you are!

Here’s some advice from some pretty awesome bloggers, be sure to check them out!

Every homework seems to require printed photo’s at the moment, meaning that you will certainly require a printer! – Keep Up with the Jones Family.

My Girls and Me says: ” Rosie always has one item that reminds her of home. Nothing too precious or expensive just in case. Just something that when she looks at it will remind her of us at home!”

A calendar for all those play dates, birthday parties and dress up for school days! – Arepops.

Some form of lock and labels for scooters / bikes, plus a good helmet! – Mummy’s Waisted.

Dancing Dandelions says: “An umbrella! It ALWAYS rains on the school run. And you can guarantee they’re the days the kids are out late leaving you looking like a drowned rat on the playground.”

“A water bottle holder is great, one that can clip onto the scooter or book bag. Keeps the bottle upright (less spillage!) and seeing it reminds me to fill the bottle in the morning!” – Some great advice from Play and Learn Every Day!

Mummy to My Little Cheeky Monkey says: “Waterproof name labels for water bottle coat etc! I also have a buggy buddy lock to put the school bag onto pram!”

Lylia Rose says: “Vests! My daughter always wears a white vest under her white school polo and cardigan as she gets too chilly in the winter months just in the school uniform!”

Household Money Saving says: “Some spare socks. Even if it hasn’t rained, my daughter seems to find a puddle. And rather than her having soaking feet for the day, she can change.”

The Bear & The Fox says: “We got our son a worry eater doll when he started school ( – it really helped calm any anxieties. He’s in P3 now and still takes it to bed with him at night. Will be getting our younger boy one too when he starts school next year.”

The ability to pass store-bought cupcakes off as your own without guilt flashing across your face when you spot “Mary’s” Mammy’s cupcakes which she was up baking since 5am…
Patience for the school gate mommies – you need to be able to smile ,nod and escape quietly without being noticed by “nosey Nora” ( there’s always one , trust me!) –  Some priceless advice from It’s me & Ethan!

Buy something spotty (children in need) and something red (comic relief, sports relief) . And a book character costume while you’re at it. That way you’ll have most of the ‘dress up’ days covered and won’t be forced into panic sticking round stickers onto a white top the night before! (Guilty as charged!) – Maidenhead Mum.

A purple pen! My daughter has go back and check her homework and make corrections with a purple pen! – All about A Mummy.

And if you are looking for some posts to help gear you and your child up for school then check out Gee Gardner’s awesome posts about Surviving back to school and also how to support your child!

I hope these ideas make that transition just that little bit easier for you!

You’ve got this!

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post.


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